What Is It?

The numerals 5210 reflect the daily guidelines recommended by the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics to help reduce the obesity epidemic in youth. Y5210 is an awareness program branded at the YMCA which is rapidly growing in popularity and success throughout YMCAs and schools in the US to encourage children to have:


Obesity rates have more than doubled over the last twenty years, and the obesity rate in adolescents has tripled according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The obesity rate among children continues to increase due to lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits. Obesity increases the risk for serious health conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol — all once considered exclusively adult diseases.

At the Y we know wellness when we experience it. It's an overall feeling of health and wholeness.
A sense of belonging. The energy to live our fullest life. The desire to continually learn new things
and improve our skills. And the chance to contribute and help someone else.

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What Are Teachers Saying About Y5210?

  • "The Y5210 program provides a consistent curriculum where all teachers can talk to the same language with students to engage them in physical activities and lessons to teach them how to live a healthy life."
    • Rick Mueller, Westside Elementary School Principal (Sun Prairie Area School District)
  • "We believe that our focus on wellness contributes greatly to our successes. Y5210 fits perfectly with our beliefs that happy, safe, and healthy children exhibit the highest capacity for learning." 
    • Deborah Hoffman, Lincoln Elementary School Principal (Madison Metropolitan School District)
  • "Y5210 seems to fill a real void for many of our students; the concepts dovetail nicely with our school wellness policy and we look forward to expanding the program throughout the district." 
    • Steve Youngbauer, Food & Nutrition Services Director (Madison Metropolitan School District)
  • "We are really enjoying doing the Y5210 program with our classes. The kids have embraced our weekly lessons and are becoming more aware of the topics we are discussing. I personally love the exercise portion and wish I had time to do 10 minutes every day with the kids."
    • Jodi Moll, Stoner Prairie Elementary School (Verona Area School District)
  • “My students are more aware of what they are choosing to eat for breakfast and lunch. Kids are asking me if certain items are healthy or not. Kids are also telling me how they are exercising more at home. I do think this program is having a positive impact on them for sure!"
    • Y5210 Participating Classroom Teacher
  • “Kids ask me when we are going to be doing Y5210 all the time. They seem to get really excited for the break. Once we got into a routine of completing it each week it was easy to find time for it in the day – it is a perfect mind break activity”
    • Y5210 Participating Classroom Teacher

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