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Corporate Health and Wellness Programs


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What is Workplace Wellness?

When your company joins the YMCA Workplace Wellness Program, your employees and, your company benefit. Healthy employees are more productive, have lower stress, are more positive, miss less work and have lower healthcare costs. Plus, it makes your employee benefit program more attractive option, leading to greater employee satisfaction and retention.

Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program

According to the U.S.. Chamber of Commerce, research shows that it's more cost-effective to invest in preventative health practices such as screenings, immunizations, health-risk appraisals, behavioral coaching and health awareness/education rather than spend resources exclusively on the small minority of employees/dependents who are responsible for high-cost health claims.

A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report2 revealed that at work sites with exercise programs as components of their wellness programs, healthcare costs decreased from 75 to 55%, short-term sick leave was lowered from 38 to 32%, and productivity increased from 50 to 52%.

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who studied successful strategies to prevent cardiovascular disease estimated that over a two-to-five-year period, companies with comprehensive workplace wellness programs and appropriate health plans in place can yield $3 to $6 for each dollar invested, all while reducing the likelihood of employee heart attacks and strokes.3 Additionally, worksite health programs can improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction, demonstrate concern for employees, and improve moral in the workplace.4

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