The Group Fitness Ambassador

An Ambassador is a volunteer whose primary function is to connect, engage and build relationships with others.

In general, within the Y an Ambassador is: 

  • An advocate for the organization, promoting activities that will get others to come one more time. 

  • A representative in the facility -meeting, greeting, learning names and building relationships. 
  • A messenger, sharing the Y story. 
  • A delegate, who has been given the responsibility to make others feel welcome and provide leadership to small groups. 
  • A spokesperson for our mission and community support campaign 

Group Fitness Ambassador Summary: 

Assist other members in becoming more connected to the Y by welcoming them, encouraging their participation in group fitness classes and other Y activities, and introducing them to staff and other members. 


Group Fitness Ambassador Qualifications: 

Must be a current, active member with general knowledge of the Y who regularly attends a group fitness class. Should be friendly, outgoing, and able to communicate personal Y experiences. 


Group Fitness Ambassador Essential Functions: 

  • ‘Adopt’ new and ‘less connected’ members 
  • Greet and welcome members in group fitness program area and/or lobby nearby  
  • Introduce and connect members to staff/instructor and other members in class
  • Assist new participants with equipment ‘set-up’ and class basics 
  • Answer general questions about the Y (where is ChildWatch, how do I use the lockers, etc.)
  • Help educate members on class etiquette (clean equipment after class, in and out doors, etc.)
  • Promote upcoming events and activities  
  • Recognize and follow up with members who stop coming 
  • Share personal Y experiences and Y stories collected from others with new or ‘less connected’ members 

Group Fitness Ambassador Trainings Offered:

New Staff Orientation

Listen First


Group Fitness Ambassador Attire Offered:

Y Ambassador T-Shirt


Contact for more details:

Julie Tokheim - (608) 478-4316


Wendy Broekema - (608) 276-6606 






How to Fill Out Application

  1. Download application by clicking.

  2. Print application and fill out accordingly.

  3. Mail in application to appropriate address listed in description of open position OR scan application and email to appropriate person.