Log rolling

Wet & Wild Fun

Get introduced to the fun and exciting sport of logrolling! This unique competetive sport has evolved from traditional lumberjack games and competitions and pits two roller, or birlers, against eachother atop a floating log. Our instructional classes give rollers of all skills level an opportunity to learn more about this interesting sport, improve their technique, and enjoy some friendly fun. 

Log Rolling
(Ages 7 and Up)

Join us for an exciting session of Log Rolling. Our once-a-week classes will allow rollers to learn more about this unique sport and hone their skills, all from the comfort and safety of our indoor pools. All abilities are welcome and encouraged! You're sure to enjoy this fast-paced and active sport.

See registration for session dates, time and location.

Must be able to swim 25 yards continuously to ensure class safety.

What You'll Need
Swim suit, trunks, or clothes that can (will) get wet
Snug fitting shoes that can get wet

What We'll Provide
Heated Pool Space