More Than Just Something To Do

Offerering new experiences, skill building, a sense of community and lasting friendships. Summer Club takes place at different locations throughout Dane County. Days are spent in teacher-led groups of 10-15 children between the age of 5 and 12 with an enriching, healthy kids curriculum that includes: arts & crafts, cooking, math, literacy, science, swimming, service learning, character development, conflict resolution, field trips & more!

Weekly Summer Camp Themes

  • June 16 - 20: 100 Ways to Say Hello

    • ​School is out and it is time to say hello to summer with some new friends at the first week of Y summer camp! We'll spend this week getting to know each other and getting familiar with the camp exerience, including learning games and exploring our camp area!
  • ​​June 23 - 27: Mad About Madison

    • ​Just like a badger, we'll be digging around Wisconsin to learn all about the wonders of our home state
  • ​June 30 - July 4 (No camp July 4): Stars & Stripes

    • ​Join us as we explore our great nation! Discover America's history and what makes us the country we are today! Run for camp president! Enjoy all things red, white and blue.
  • ​July 7 - 11: Inventors Workshop

    • ​Childhood curiousity, experimentation and imagination will run wild this week. Put on your thinking caps and let's see what develops this week in our Inventors Workshop
  • ​July 14 - 18: Walk the Plank

    • ​Aargh you ready for the great Pirate Adventure of 2014? Find your parrot, grab your ship and get ready to walk the plank in this week-long pirate adventure.
  • ​July 21 - 25: Get in the Game

    • ​Come join us at camp this week to play your favorite sports from all around the world. From water polo to capoiera, you're sure to experience sportsmanship and new skills.
  • ​July 28 - August 1: Celebration of Nations

    • ​You don't need a hot air balloon for this grand adventure! In just 5 days, we will experience amazing cultures from all over the world! Learn games and songs from other countries. Join us for a full week of worldly adventures!
  • ​August 4- 8: Water Works

    • ​It's getting hot out there! Time to turn on the hoses and get wet in this wild week of water fun. Gain new skills in water play and in water safety while we spend this week getting soaked.
  • ​August 11 - 15: The Great Carnival Experience

    • ​Get ready to transform camp into your favorite carnival experience. We will learn about carnivals all over the world and even have an opportunity to create our own games. We finish this week by bringing all the YMCA camps together for a fun filled carnival day.
  • ​August 18 - 22: Time Travelers

    • ​Get ready to jump through history and relive some of the greatest events to ever happen! You never know what the future has in store for you.
  • ​August 25 - 29: Best of the Best

    • ​Summer is coming to a close but before you head back to school, relive all your past favorites in this final summer hurrah.