YMCA Program Registration

Members that receive Financial Assistance or another adjustment must complete program registration at the local YMCA branch. Unfortunately due to a computer system limitation, adjustments are currently not being applied online and all online payments are at the full amount. 

Please note:

  • This does not apply to Child Care (Before and After School programs) and Summer Camps. Register for these online, regardless of financial assistance.
  • Online payments are not refundable due to the adjustment not being applied.
  • Mac Users: Having trouble viewing the registration form using Safari? Try troubleshooting to diagnose the problem.
  • Please have immunization records, contact information and medication information close-at-hand before starting child care program registration. The page refreshes after 30 minutes, so pausing to search for correct information could cause you to lose data already entered.

2016 Session Dates​

WINTER 1: January 4-February 28
WINTER 2: February 1-March 27
WINTER 3: February 29-April 24

SPRING 1: March 28-May 22
SPRING 2: April 25-June 12
SUMMER 1: June 13-July 24
SUMMER 2: July 25-August 28

2016 Registration Start Dates

Spring/Summer: February 29

Spring 1: March 14
Spring 2: April 11
Summer 1: May 30
Summer 2: July 11