Beginning March 5th, click the “Register Online" button to set up your account online. Please use one of the following methods to sign up and create your User ID Account and Password.

CURRENT MEMBERS - Steps to set up online account:
1. Click Find Account
2. Enter your Last Name, Birthdate, and Zip Code, or Member ID on your membership card
3. Click Submit
4. If no billing method is on file, enter your email address
5. Click Submit

NEW MEMBERS - Steps to create online account:
1. Click Sign Up
2. Enter member information
3. Add additional members if desired
4. Choose billing options
5. Search and sign up for programs
6. Pay and Submit
7. Create a user name and password for online access

• Registration start time 12:01am

• Search for programs after signing into Online Registration. Search for programs by typing part or the entire name of the program into the keywords field. A list of the programs of interest will appear. Choose a program and click view program details for more information.

• Register for programs once you have found your desired programs, click Register.



• What browsers support Online Registration? Members utilizing Online Registration tools for Membership, Programs or Online giving may use Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher), Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

• Is Online Registration a secure site? Yes!

• What does “Waitlist” mean in the status line of the program listing? This program has met it’s maximum capacity and there are no spaces available in the program. You may be placed on the waitlist for this program for zero dollar payment. The program director will contact you if a space becomes available.

• What does “Cancelled” mean in the status line of the program listing? This program is cancelled due to low enrollment. Once a program is cancelled you will not be able to register for it.

• What if I would like to purchase programs for two or more participants? You may purchase programs for multiple family members. You need to search for programs for the first family member, then compete a second search for programs for the second family member.

• If I register late in the program session will the program be pro-rated? The YMCA of Dane County does not pro-rate program registration due to late registration. The full program rates will show during Online Registration.

• Can I register online if I receive a YMCA of Dane County employee discount or financial assistance for a program?
All online registration are at the full amount. Members that qualify to receive Financial Assistance or another discount must complete program registration at their local branch to receive the appropriate discount. Discounts are not applied online. Online payments are not refundable due to a discount not being applied.

• Can relatives or neighbors purchase programs using Online Registration? An online account needs to be set up in order to purchase programs. These individuals will need to know your User ID and Password and this is not advisable. Relatives and neighbors can contact your YMCA branch to purchase programs.

For more information:  
Lussier Family East YMCA
608 221 1571
Northeast YMCA
608 837 8221
Lussier Family West YMCA
608 276 6606
revised 2/28/13  
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