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About Preschool

The Lussier Family YMCA East Preschool offers each child an exciting opportunity to explore and understand the world at his or her pace and to develop a love for learning. We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum in a child centered environment of warmth, friendliness, and freedom. Your child will have opportunities for exploring experimenting, and questioning, which will encourage curiosity, creativity, and expression.

We provide an opportunity for three to five year olds to develop self-confidence, creativity, social skills, and large and small motor skills. Since all children are individuals, we believe in developing the whole child . . . emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially in accordance with his or her own needs and style. The YMCA Preschool Program offers a balance between structured and unstructured time.

The preschool is held September through May.

State Licensed
City of Madison Accredited
Nationally Accredited

The preschool has an administrator who directs the program and supervises the teaching staff. Each class has two teachers. Teachers have experience and backgrounds in early childhood or related fields. The entire staff participates in workshops, conventions, and courses pertaining to preschool education on a regular and on-going basis.

Parent Advisory Committee

Our main purpose is to help the YMCA Preschool run efficiently and effectively and to give parents an opportunity to be actively involved in the preschool. We serve in an advisory role to the teaching staff. All parents are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Unstructured Time
Unstructured time allows each child to initiate activities independently. During this time the child may try:

Art - exploring art materials that stimulate creativity and experimentation.

Dramatic Play - a dress-up corner, kitchen, puppets, and other imaginative play which foster children’s interests and social relationships.

Learning Games - Opportunities to develop cognitive skills incorporating early math, reading readiness and language skills.

Science Table - to introduce the children to basic science concepts through hands-on activities.

And . . . problem solving through building blocks, trucks, cars, puzzles and other small manipulatives.

Structured Time
During this time children participate in a number of activities.

Group Time - Children participate in math and reading readiness activities, learn finger plays, songs, and games. This is a time to learn, listen, participate in group discussion and share ideas. These opportunities encourage development of language and social skills, and also develop each child’s ability to cooperate with others.

Story Time - Story time enhances each child’s ability to comprehend spoken and written words; through exposure to books, flannel board, and creative story telling.

Field Trips and Special Events - Children experience the world around them through out-of-classroom activities.

Small Groups - A teacher leads part of the class in one activity while the other teacher works with the rest of the class at different centers. This opportunity permits teachers to work closely with children in small groups and individually.

Music and Movement - We enjoy a variety of songs, records, musical games, creative movement and rhythmic activities. Music experiences are provided that help develop rhythm, memory, visual and language skills, and the joy of music.

Large Motor Activities - This includes group cooperative games, creative movement experiences, and activities using small equipment such as balls, hoops, parachute, etc. At times the children will also swim at the YMCA. This environment offers a rich resource for encouraging children’s growth and development.

For more information, dates, rates, and locations locate a YMCA Program Center to check it out the Program Guide.

Monthly Special
Each month the preschool department will be offering a special day of activities. Days include:
Beach Day, Dinosaur Day, Valentine's Day, Garden Day, Bugs and Butterflies, Fire Fighter Day, Pumpkin Day, Fall Harvest Day, A Special Ginger Bread House, etc. Check out the Program Guide for Monthly Specials, dates and times.


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