About Adaptive Programs
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About Adaptive Programs

YMCA Adaptive Recreation Program
The YMCA of Dane County currently serves over 600 people with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. The Adaptive Program started in 1976 with 12 participants and one instructor. Since then, the program has grown to over 400 athletes and utilizes over 200 volunteers annually. The Adaptive Program offers programs for individual of all abilities. Activities take place throughout the Dane County community.


Individuals may choose to participate in a variety of sports and leisure activities throughout the year. Classes offer volunteer assistance to participants on a 4 to 1 ratio. If 1 to 1 assistance is needed , please contact 221.1574 ext. 120.

Activities include Arts & Crafts, basketball, bowling, dance exercise, fitness, softball, Special Olympics, swimming, track & field, volleyball, water exercise.

Special Olympics

The YMCA of Dane County participates in various Special Olympics events. Athletes compete in aquatics, basketball, bowling, softball, track & field, and volleyball. The YMCA also offers Special Olympics Unified sports teams comprised of athletes with and without disabilities. Activities are available to athletes eight years and older.
Individuals do not have to be involved in Special Olympics to participate in the activities offered by the YMCA adaptive program.

To participate in the YMCA programs you do not have to be a YMCA member. Scholarships are available for those members and participants in need.
Questions call 221-1574 ext. 120.


Community Activities Program (C.A.P.)

The CAP program is a community integration program designed for adults with developmental disabilities who need assistance with participation in community activities and developing choice-making skills. CAP groups are comprised if up to six individuals with disabilities and two YMCA staff. Groups are made up of individuals with similar abilities and interests. Participants take part in developing their monthly event schedule for the CAP groups. The program tries to offer a variety of activities.

C.A.P. Activities

Participants take part in developing their monthly event schedule for the CAP groups. The program offers a variety of activities in the Dane County Area:
• Local and state parks
• Museums
• Historical landmarks
• Bowling
• Shopping
• Bookstores

To provide supervised community integrated activities for adults with disabilities.


YMCA adaptive staff and volunteers are committed to providing safe and fun experiences to all participants. Staff encourages individuals to participate, develop skills and have fun.

Funding and Scholarships
Scholarship funding may be available for individuals with financial needs. Please contact the program director for more information. The Adaptive Recreation Program receives financial support from Dane County and the United Way.

Referral and Enrollment
Referral forms are available from the Adaptive Recreation office at the East YMCA. Referral information and face to face interviews are used to match individuals into groups with similar interests and abilities. Individuals may be placed in the CAP program as openings occur. Referral forms should be returned to the East YMCA, attn: Adaptive Program Director.

Program Attendance/ Transportation
CAP is a continuous program. Once you are enrolled, you will be in the program until you have give us a two-week written notice to withdraw or to change your schedule days. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the East YMCA. Individuals should be dropped off at the start time of the program (9:30am or 1:00pm) and picked up promptly at the finish time (12:30pm or 4:00pm) on their scheduled day(s). Fees: The cost for a YMCA member is $20/ daily session and for a non-member is $22/ daily session. Most fees for activities will be included in the program cost. There may be occasional costs for special events (i.e., bowling, movies, birthday lunches, etc.) This will be indicated on the monthly CAP calendar. Please contact the program director for more information.

Time and Location
CAP currently meets at the East YMCA, 711 Cottage Grove Road. Activities take place at the East YMCA and at various community locations. The program is available Monday through Thursday and Friday morning.

Please contact Adaptive Program Director, 221-1574 (120), for additional information.


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