Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome! Thank you for choosing to participate in YMCA of Dane County online registration/donation. We encourage you to set-up your online account and view current program offerings. We hope you find online registration easy and convenient. Once you have registered for a program, you will receive a survey. We appreciate your feedback and participation in this exciting new registration process.
When you click the online registration/online donation , you will be directed to our MemberLink website. MemberLink is secured by VeriSign
• Click the “Online Registration” or “Online Donation” button above. Please use one of the following methods to sign up and create your User ID Account and Password.
Note: You do not have to set-up a User ID Account for MemberLink to search for programs or donate online.

• MEMBERS use Method I: If you are a current YMCA of Dane County member, please enter your membership card number and birthdate. Click the FIND ME button to proceed.

• PARTICIPANTS or Members use Method II: If you have used YMCA of Dane County facilities in the past or don’t have a membership card number, please type your last name, birthdate, and phone number. Click the FIND ME button to proceed.

• If MemberLink cannot find you.
If you know you are a member or have used the facilities before, please call your YMCA branch.
East 608 221 1571 • Northeast 608 837 8221 • West 608 276 6606
If you have not used the YMCA of Dane County facilities or programs, please click the ADD ME button to proceed.

• Change your information. When signed into MemberLink, you may change your information in the My Account tab. To change User ID, password, email, other contact information or enter new information, click update button to save changes. You will receive an automated confirmation.

• Forgotten User ID or Password can be retrieved via the "I forgot my user ID or password" link, just under the sign in button found on MemberLink.
You will receive the information in an automated email.

• Registration start time 9:00am
, see Program Guide for specific dates.

• Search for programs after signing into MemberLink. Search for programs by typing part or the entire name of the program into the keywords field. If you would like to search for programs by branch, program session, age or day of the week, click advanced search. A list of the programs of interest will appear. Choose a program and click view program details for more information.

• Register for programs
once you have found your desired programs in MemberLink, click Add to Cart. When all selected programs are in your cart, click View Cart. If programs are correct, click Proceed to Checkout and enter credit card information. To complete transaction, click Finalize Check Out. P
rint your receipt.  

• What browsers support MemberLink? Internet Explorer is the recommended browser

Is Memberlink a secure site? Yes, MemberLink is secured by VeriSign

• Why can't I add a class to my cart?
Programs that can't be added to a cart are not currently available for online registration

What does “Waitlist” mean in the status line of the program listing? This program has met it's maximum capacity and there are no spaces available in the program. You may be placed on the waitlist for this program for zero dollar payment. The program director will contact you if a space becomes available.

• What does “Cancelled” mean in the status line of the program listing?
This program is cancelled due to low enrollment. Once a program is cancelled you will not be able to register for it.

• What does “Buy For” mean in the top right hand section of the program listing? Click the list of values and you will notice all family members. You may select other family members to purchase a program for by using this feature. Please note this feature is a benefit for YMCA of Dane County members. If you are program participants, please see the next question.

• What if I would like to purchase programs for two or more participants? The “Buy For” will not display other family members for program participants- this is a member benefit. You will need to create a two separate MemberLink accounts, one for each program participant. You will need to search, purchase and check out for programs for the first program participant. Then compete a second search, purchase and check out for programs for the second program participant.

• If I register late in the program session will the program be pro-rated? No, the YMCA of Dane County does not pro-rate program registration due to late registration. The full program rates will show in MemberLink.

• Can I register online using MemberLink if I receive a YMCA of Dane County employee discount or scholarship for a program?
No, these special discounts and scholarships need to be applied by our front desk personnel. The full program rates will show in MemberLink. Please contact your local YMCA branch for more information.

• Can relatives or neighbors purchase programs using MemberLink?
A MemberLink account needs to be set up in order to purchase programs. These individuals will need to know your User ID and Password and this is not advisable. Relatives and neighbors can contact your YMCA branch to purchase programs.

• For other questions contact your YMCA branch.

East 608 221 1571 • Northeast 608 837 8221 • West 608 276 6606

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