YMCA of Dane County Keeps Kids Reading Over Spring Break

Dane County - March, 2014 - The YMCA of Dane County is offering learning activities during Spring Break for parents and caregivers looking to keep kids' minds active while school is out. Part of a national YMCA initiative called Camp Readers, the Y  is adding 30 minutes of read per day to daily activities for kids in grades K-5 to help prevent learning loss during out-of-school time.

Research shows that incorporating more reading time into kids' daily routines can positively impact their development. In fact, 30 minutes of reading each day can boost kids' literacy skills and increase success in school, which is especially critical during spring and summer school breaks when some kids are without access to educational opportunities and can experience learning loss. Through Camp Readers, the Y makes it possible, fun and simple to continue reading by providing a variety of materials that match kids' interests.

"Outside of the classroom, many youth are not as engaged in learning and reading activities as they would be while in school, which statistics show can result in learning loss. Combining fun camp activities with academic enrichment is a wonderful way to keep kids' bodies and minds active," said Carrie Wall, President/CEO, YMCA of Dane County. "Through Camp Readers, we will use reading daily to help more kids stay on course developmentally, so they return to school reading at grade-level."

The YMCA provides kids in Dane County with the opportunity to explore the outdoors, learn new skills, and make new friendships and memories. In addition to reading activities, the Y offers: archery, art, athletics, character development, cooking, service learning, water sports, swim lessons, drama/talent shows, field trips and more. To ensure all youth have the chance to experience camp, the YMCA offers financial assistance to those in need of support.

As a leading nonprofit for strengthening community through youth development, the Y is addressing the academic achievement gap to help more youth succeed in school through programs in afterschool, early learning and summer learning. These programs are underway in nearly 40 states across the county and are designed to not only increase success in school, but to also foster social-emotional development and physical health and well-being.

To learn more about participation in our YMCA Schools Out and Summer programs and be part of Camp Readers, visit here and here.