Local Impact: Senior Summer Picnic


The YMCA is many different things for many different people. Some members utilize the Y to get into better physical shape, others to learn a new sport or skill, and many use the Y as a trusted child care resource. One of the most important functions of the Y, though, is bringing people together for friendship, camaraderie and fun! People of all ages benefit from the social interaction and engagement that YMCA programs provide, perhaps none more-so than our senior members.

Our West Y recently held a senior potluck picnic at nearby Rennebohm park to offer an opportunity for some of our members to meet each other and a few of our trainers. West YMCA Personal Trainers, Jodi O. and Katie M. spent a few hours leading a few dozen of our senior members through some fun games and activities, as well as listening to and learning from their Y experiences. an “ice breaker” game allowed the members to learn everyone’s name while moving around. After a potluck lunch, the guests enjoyed a few additional games and extra time to mingle.

Opportunities like the Senior Picnic are a great way for members to get even more benefit from their Y membership. The ability to meet and socialize with peers is a boon to members looking for more than just physical improvement. We are grateful for all of our loyal members and pleased to be able to offer a variety of activities and events that improve mind, body and spirit. For more information on YMCA programs for active older adults and seniors, please view our fitness page or connect with us in person.

Our East Region Senior Summer Picnic will be Thursday, August 27. Find more details here and plan to attend!