Local Impact: Creekside Elementary Swimming Safety


Any day that kids get to play in a pool is a good day, both for the kids and for us! We love the swimming and splashing, but also know the importance of safety, as well. Recently, our Northeast YMCA hosted all of the K-5 students of Sun Prairie’s Creekside Elementary school for a few days of watery fun, paired with some very important water safety instruction.


On May 18 and 20, groups of the Creekside students were able to work through four safety stations related to pool and water safety, readying them for summer fun around our local lakes, rivers, and pools. Each Safety Station provided specific instruction in an area of water safety and was led by our YMCA Lifeguard staff.


  • Pool Rules (In depth discussion about the pool rules and why they’re important. Questions and answers about the pool facility and rules, and the consequences of not following the rules.)


  • Compression Only CPR (Definition of CPR, how it works, and when it is used. Instruction on checking for signs of life - breathing, consciousness & pulse. Practice chest compressions on mannequins. How to call for additional help.)

  • Reaching and Throwing Assists (Discussion about assisting a swimmer without entering the water. Practice extending or throwing floatation devices to reach and assist swimmer.)

  • Life Jackets (Discussing the importance of appropriate size and fit, how to use, and the benefits of wearing life jackets.)
Of course, there was plenty of fun to be had, as well. After our important discussions about water safety, the kids enjoyed time in the pool. Older kids spent time swimming and diving or playing water basketball, while the youngest enjoyed splashing and playing in our Family Fun Pool. It was terrific hosting our young visitors and their chaperones and helping to ensure that they have a fun, safe summer around the water.