InBusiness Magazine Interviews Carrie Wall, YMCA CEO

YMCA of Dane County CEO, Carrie Wall, was recently interviewed by Jan Wilson for In Business Magazine. In the article, Wall discusses the history of her involvement in the YMCA, the changes that she has seen and been a part of in the last five years with the YMCA of Dane County, and her vision to collaborate further with local organizations and businesses to further impact our communities.

"Carrie Wall makes tough decisions on behalf of YMCA"
In Business Magazine, April, 2015
Jan Wilson

Things have changed since Carrie Wall, 55, joined the YMCA of Dane County as president and CEO five years ago. “When I first arrived, I was surprised how many people in the community thought we were a gym and swim, or health club.”

In fact, she explained, the YMCA started 129 years ago to serve the needs of the local community, and just as Madison has changed demographically through the years, so has the YMCA.

“Our mission now focuses on kids and families, particularly working families, youth development, and healthy living,” Wall said. “We are a support system to the schools, and one of the largest providers of child care, whether preschool, 4-K, or after-school. We have 29 licensed child care sites throughout Dane County. People are always surprised to hear that.”
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