This membership section contains information that will help you get to know your YMCA and all it has to offer. It will help you understand who we are, what are policies are and what a membership can do for you. As part of the YMCA you belong to a reliable, dependable organization that will become a resource for you, your children and your family to enjoy. Please read through the material so you can understand all the benefits and policies of a YMCA membership.

Something for Everyone
YMCA Members have the advantage with priority registration for programs and services. Program descriptions, schedules and fees are available in the program guide, published four times a year and mailed to your home, or check them out on our website under Programs.

Membership Types

- Ages 5-12

Teen - Ages 13-19

Adult - Age 20 and older

Family - Two adults and legal dependent children living at the same address. Placement forms required for foster children. Students age 18-24 can remain on a family membership with proof of full-time enrollment. Single Parent Family - One parent in the home and legal dependent children living at the same address.

Senior Adult - Age 62 and older. No children included.

Senior Couple - Two adults, only one adult needs to be age 62 and older. No children included.

Membership Payment
Annual membership payment may be made via cash, check, MasterCard or Visa. No refunds on membership dues paid.

Continuous Membership payable through a monthly automatic bank draft. No interest or finance charges apply. Banks drafts continue until cancelled. No refunds of membership dues paid. Returned checks and bank drafts are assessed a $15 fee. If membership lapses entry fee must be paid again.

Membership Cancellation
Annual memberships are billed one month prior to the expiration date. Failure to submit annual renewal will result in cancellation. All membership cards must be turned into the YMCA. All membership fees paid are non-refundable/non-transferable.

Continuous memberships requires a 30-day written notice prior to the withdrawal date for cancellation. Cancellations are not accepted over the phone. All membership cards must be turned into the YMCA. Membership fees paid are not transferable and not refundable.

Membership Cards

All YMCA members five years of age and up are issued a photo membership card when they join. You must present your card each time you enter the building for access to the facility. All lost cards should be reported to the desk. Replacement cost for a lost card is $5.00.

Financial Assistance
Financial assistance is available to those who are eligible. Applications are available at all YMCA Desks or on our website


The YMCA AWAY policy allows you to use YMCA's around the world for low or no charge.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are the strength and stability of the YMCA. As an organization serving a diverse population, we also strive to have a diverse volunteer base. New volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the desk.

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