YMCA Heritage Club

Preserving the Heritage of the YMCA for future generations.

The YMCA Heritage Club is comprised of individual and families who believe strongly in the mission of the YMCA and help to preserve the good work of the YMCA through a direct gift or planned gift to the YMCA Endowment Fund.

It is through their care and commitment, that we are able to ensure that the YMCA of Dane County will continue to touch the lives of children, teens, adults, seniors and families in the years to come, and continue to address the most urgent needs in our community.

How Can You Become a Member?

Members of the YMCA Heritage Club have made an outright gift or notified the YMCA that they have provided for a future planned gift, whether large or small, to the YMCA's endowment fund in one of the following ways.

Gift Notification Form

YMCA Heritage Club Membership Benefits

There are no dues or other obligations, but as a member, you will be our guest at various events, will receive special informational mailings, and, with your permission, will be listed with other Heritage Club members in our Annual Report.                       

What is the Proper Wording I Should Use to Make Sure My Gift is Designated as I Wish?

Here is an example of wording you could use: “I give to [LEGAL NAME OF YMCA], a [INSERT TYPE OF ORGANIZATION, E.G., 501(c)(3)] corporation, incorporated in [STATE], the sum of $ _____ (or  _____ percent of the remainder of my estate) to be deposited in the YMCA’s endowment fund. The income shall be used to benefit said YMCA in such manner as the board of directors thereof may direct.”

Ways to Give

While we are thrilled you are interested in making this commitment to the YMCA of Dane County, we are not experts in legal, tax or investment advice.
There are numerous and beneficial opportunities available for every individual. For such advice, please consult an attorney, tax professional or investment professional.                         

Contact Information

Keep the heritage alive by giving a gift that supports the YMCA in perpetuity. If you need more information about making a future gift to the YMCA's endowment, or have already made a gift and want to inform us, please contact us at 608 664 9622. 

We hope you will give serious consideration to joining YMCA of Dane County’s Heritage Club and helping to ensure that the Y will continue to make a strong impact in the lives of community members for generations to come.