When your company joins the YMCA Workplace Wellness Program, not only will your employees benefit, your company will benefit as well. It’s a fact that healthy employees are more productive, have lower stress, are more positive, miss less work, and have lower healthcare costs and fewer medical claims. Plus, it gives your employee benefit program one more attractive option, leading to greater employee satisfaction and retention.
• Stats show that a properly designed and implemented wellness program will not only decrease absenteeism and enhance employee morale
– it will improve your bottom line. Most studies show a return on investment (ROI) of $2 to $5 for every $1 invested. (American Journal of Health Promotion, 2008)
• Regular exercise 8 times or more per month reduces healthcare costs by 33% by the second year. (Medica Insurance Study, 2007)
• Illness and injury associated with an unhealthy lifestyle is reported to account for 25% of employee health care expenditure. (Anderson, 2000)
• Medical costs attributed to obesity and overweight are estimated to be annually $395 (36%) higher than those of normal weight. (Strum, 2002)
• Obese employees are nearly 75% more likely to experience high rates of absenteeism (7+ absences during 6 mos.) than normal-weight employees.
(Tucker, 1998)
• Dependents account for 70% of overall health care costs making it critical to involve the entire family. (Employee Benefit Journal, 2006)

The best way for us to serve you is to understand your goals and company culture. From there, we will craft a more comprehensive wellness program that can include programs and services offered at the Y and on-site at your company’s locations. Below are a sampling of Y classes and programs we can bring to your workplace.

• Group Classes (Cardio/Aerobic, Pilates, Core/Abs, Strength Training, Bootcamp, Yoga, Meditation, Zumba)
• Body Composition Analysis
• Workplace Challenges
• Fitness Assessments
• Lunch and Learn
• Personal Training/Fitness Coaching
• Small Group Training
• Health Assessment

• My Y is every Y



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