Providing kids with the experiences they need to grow into successful adults is at the heart of the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. Dollars you contribute help fund essential programs for youth, as well as other programs that make kids strong by making their families and communities strong.

In times of need the YMCA can be a critical source of strength, providing a haven from stress that threatens the bonds of family. But often in the time of greatest need- divorce, health crisis, job loss- individuals and families are least able to afford a membership or participate in the Y. The Strong Kids Campaign helps ensure they have a place to belong.
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YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
Give kids a chance to exercise their options in life.

Each child is offered an exciting opportunity to explore their work in a secure setting through preschool enrichment programs designed for gym activities, music exploration, basic swimming skills, safety in the water and school readiness.

YMCA Youth and Teen Programs get kids involved, giving them a sense of belonging that becomes increasingly important as they become teens. Youth Sports and Aquatics provide kids with a fun opportunity to interact with adults, learning skills to get them through the pool, the game, and more importantly, through life.

Available to Middle-School students free of charge, the center provide a safe, supervised place every day after school, during a critical time when most at-risk behaviors occur.

YMCA staff provide the leadership, program the day to day activities, as well as oversee the operations, providing learning and growth opportunities for 6th, 7th, and 8ty graders.

Youth in Government and Leaders Club helps teen develop leadership skills and an thic of service through volunteer activities.

Youth Centers are currently in Cambridge, Stoughton, Middleton, Sun Prairie, McFarland, and Madison.

A nationally-awarded program, the YMCA of Dane County provides individuals with disabilities extensive, year-round, life-long programs in arts and crafts, swimming, sports, and fitness.

Recognized for excellence in child care, the YMCA is committed to serving familes. YMCA School Age Child Care (SACC) is designed to meet the specific needs of school age children. We are committed to promoting the positive values of caring, respect, honesty, and responsibility.

Day Camp WannaGo goes beyond giving kids a safe place to spend their summer days. Trained counselors provide quidance as children participate in values-based activites, learning skills that extend foar beyond the bounds of camp.

Company/Service Club name and logo on flyers and borchures, give-a-way and volunteer opportunities at the event.

Company/Service Club name and logo appears on all flyers, poster, and banner displayed at the event, volunteer and give-a-way opportunities.

Company/Service Club name and logo on all brochures, flyers, article in the YMCA Newsletter, volunteer and give-a-way opportunites.

The YMCA established a recognition program to show our appreciation for your support and to give you more opportunities to be involved in the programs you care about.

On behalf of the kids, THANK YOU.

PARTNER $50-$99 - Four issues of the YMCA newsletter
CENTURY $100-$249 - YMCA multi-year plaque or Annual Medallion
SILVER $250-$499 - YMCA silver paperweight medallion or plaque
GOLD $500-$999 - YMCA gold paperweight medallion or plaque

Name listed in the YMCA Annual Report, YMCA Annual Meeting Invitation, Chairman's Round Table Event invitation.


*Previously know as YMCA Partners Campaign.

65,000 Youth, Families and Individuals
32,732 Youth in recreation, education and social programs.
2,335 Youth in youth center activities.
427 Families who receive direct financial assistance.

" opportunities for persons with physical and developmental disabilities.

" positive alternatives for teens as they face the challenges of drugs, gangs, violence, alcohol abuse, and teen pregnancy

" values-based programs to support youth, adults and families

"healthy lifestyle programs for seniors

"convenient, affordable quality childcare to support working single parent and dual-working families

For more information, questions or to make a pledge - call 608.276.6616 ext.226
YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
Give kids a chance to exercise their options in life.

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