Question: How much is membership at the YMCA? How do I become a member?

Answer: The YMCA offers a variety of membership types, depending on the number of people on the membership. Membership applications can be completed at the front desk. For more information, check out the Membership section of our website.

Question: If I cancel my membership, will I be re-accessed the entry fee if I rejoin? What does the membership entry fee pay for?

Answer: Yes; the entry fee is used as a motivation to maintain a long-term membership. The entry fee pays for administration fees to set up your membership (i.e. membership cards).

How do I get a membership for my preschooler to get member rates for preschool and other programs at the Y? 

Answer:  All children under the age 5years
are included free with an Adult membership. You can then enroll your preschooler in any Y program at member rates and you can enjoy the Y too!

Question: Can I use my credit card to pay for my membership? 

Answer:  Annual memberships
can be paid for using either your Visa or Mastercard. Monthly memberships can be paid by Visa or Mastercard ONLY when you initially take out your membership. Monthly bankdrafts must be from a checking or savings account.

  Can I put my membership on Hold when I am traveling or not using the Y
for a length of time?

Answer:  Memberships must be paid annually or on a monthly basis. We do allow medical holds for up to 90 days with a signed doctor statement.

  I am in town for business for 3 weeks how can I use your facilities
without having to pay the daily guest rate? 

Answer:  We do allow short term
memberships for this situation. Please contact the membership administrator to discuss your particular needs.

Question: How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your YMCA membership you either need to come into the building and complete a short cancellation form, or can fax or mail a written notice of cancellation to the YMCA facilities.

Question: Do you have one-week trial memberships?

The YMCA of Dane County, Inc. does not offer one-week trial memberships.

Question: Do you offer day passes? How much are they?

Answer: Yes, we do offer day passes to guests of the YMCA. Youth ages 5-12 cost $4.00, Teens ages 13-17 cost $6.00, Adults ages 18+ costs $8.00 and Families cost $14.00. Children under 5 are free with an adult.

Question: Do you have short-term memberships?

Short-term memberships are available for people who will only be in Dane County for a limited time due to school or business. The member service director or the member service administrator must approve them.

Question: Do you have any financial assistance for memberships or programs?

Answer: Anyone interested in financial assistance for membership or programs must submit an application, which can be obtained at the front desk. With the application a verification of income is required.

Question: What are my privileges as a YMCA member?

Answer: There are many privileges that YMCA members can enjoy. 
-The biggest privilege is that most classes offered at the YMCA is free or at a reduced rate for members, and members also get first option to register for these classes. 
-For members who have children there is free drop in childcare for ages six weeks to 7 years. 
-There is also licensed morning and afternoon preschool programs as well as licensed before and after school child care for school aged children. 
-The pool at the YMCA is lifeguard supervised at all times. Pool serves infants through senior citizens classes and lessons. There are a variety of open swim and adult lap swim times available. Please see pool schedule for reference.
-Members only can reserve the racquetball and handball courts at the YMCA where leagues and lessons are available. 
-For members interested in working out in the lifestyle center we offer them a free orientation and also for cost we offer personal training to members only.
-There are a variety of sports camps and sport leagues available teaching core values along with skills.

Can I transfer a membership from a different YMCA to the Dane County YMCA?

Answer: Each YMCA is financially independent of one another. The YMCA of Dane County, Inc. is happy to wave the entry fee to member currently belonging to other YMCAs. We suggest members moving to the Dane County area cancel their existing membership at another YMCA.

Question: I am a member at a different YMCA, can I use your facility?

Answer: At the YMCA Dane County, Inc. we participate in the AWAY program (always welcome at the YMCA). We allow other members of YMCAs to use our facility up to 10 times at no charge. After the 10 AWAY passes have been used up, the member would be required to buy a day pass at cost.

Question: How do you get to the YMCA?

Answer: Look under Locations on the web. A detailed map is available for all locations.

Question: What hours are you open?

Answer: The YMCA East and West Program Centers are open Monday through Friday 5:15 am to 10:00 pm, Saturday 6:00am to 7:00pm, and Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Question: Who can use the gyms during open gym hours?

Any member or guest 7 years old or older is welcome to use the either gym. Children under the age of 7 years old should be accompanied by an adult.

Question: Are tours of the YMCA available?

Answer: A manager is available during all operation hours, to provide tours of the YMCA facilities. To find out building hours, check out the locations section of our website. 

Question: How do I get a free guest pass for a friend?

Answer: Members of the YMCA receive guest passes in the quarterly newsletter, which are mailed to their houses.

Question: What is your refund policy?

Answer: The YMCA of Dane County is happy to issue a refund if a class is cancelled or credit in the event of an illness. Otherwise, all fees paid are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

May I try a class before I enroll?

Answer: Members and program members may try classes during the first week of classes at no cost. Please call the fitness director for specifics. Space may be limited.

I'm interested in a personal trainer; do you have anything available?

Answer: Certified personal trainers are available for members, for a fee, to help set exercise goals and develop individualized exercise plans. 

Question: I'm interested in a personal trainer; do you have anything available?

Answer: Certified personal trainers are available for members, for a fee, to help set exercise goals and develop individualized exercise plans. 

Question: What is the difference between personal training, personal fitness, and new member orientations?

Answer: -Personal training is one on one training to help members set exercise goals and develop individualized exercise plan. 
-Personal fitness is a twelve-week one on one program designed to motivate new or novice members who are unfamiliar with circuit weights and cardiovascular equipment. 
-A new member orientation is an introduction to our lifestyle center, taking approximately an hour. Designed to familiarize new members with the cardiovascular equipment and circuit weight systems and basic principles of an exercise program. This excludes the demonstration of the free weights.

Question: I'm looking for swimming lessons for my infant; how old does my baby have to be?

Answer: We have swim lessons starting for infants at the age of 6 months. The class is structured as a parent/child class where the parent would be with the child in the water. 

Question: Are there private swim lessons for adults or kids?

We do offer private swim lessons at the discretion of the Aquatics Director. A minimum of 4 lessons must be purchased.
Open swim hours change with each semester at the YMCA. Please refer to the current pool schedule as a reference.

What temperature is the YMCA pool kept at?

The pool is kept at a temperature of 83° C.

Question: What is the temperature of the sauna?

The sauna is kept at 225° C.

Question: What is the temperature of the whirlpool?

The whirlpool is kept at 104° C.

Question: Are my children allowed to be in the whirlpool with me?

The YMCA does not permit children under the age of 18 to be in the whirlpool, even if there is an adult to supervise them. The YMCA reserves the whirlpool as an adult only zone.


Question: If my child is signed up for a league that has several time slots
available (ie. 8/9/10:00), can I choose which one I would like or do I does it run from 8-10:00?

Answer: These are rotating time slots. All YMCA league team rosters and schedules are mailed out a week before the start of the league. These schedules will tell you which time slot your child plays week by week. It does rotate weekly so check your schedules each week for the time of your game.

Question: Can I request my child's friend to be on his team?

Answer: The Level 1 Recreational Basketball League will allow you to request one other player, however, that same player must also request your child in order to be placed on the same team. No team requests will be honored at this level due to the fact that there are over 2,5000 children in this league. The Level 2 Intermediate Basketball League accepts all requests, individual and team. All other YMCA leagues (soccer, baseball, football, volleyball) accept all player/team requests. Please add you request to your child's registration form.

Question: What type of family activities does the YMCA have to offer?

Answer:  The YMCA offers many different programs specifically designed for families. Every Friday evening and Sunday afternoon there are Family Fun swim and gyms; providing time for families to interact with other families. In addition, the YMCA offers seasonal/holiday family activities.

Question: Does the YMCA have any social activities for older adults?

Answer:  Along with exercise classes, providing opportunities for social interaction, the YMCA offers "brown bag lunches"; monthly informational lectures which focus on health and well being.

Question: I'm interested in volunteering; what is available?

Answer:  A volunteer Board of Directors manages the YMCA. There are many opportunities for volunteering; including youth sports coaches and special family events. Applications are available at the front desk. Please contact volunteer coordinator for specific details or check our website under Opportunities for more information.

Question: Do you have before or after school child care for the school year?

Answer: The YMCA School Age Child Care department offers both before and after school programs at 27 different elementary schools in Dane County. 

How do I find out about formal preschool registration for 2002-2003 school year?

Answer: Call the preschool director at 276-6616 ext 228 and request to be placed on the mailing list to receive a brochure and enrollment information. Parents may arrange a time to visit the class for observation by contacting the preschool director.

Question: When is registration for fall 2002?

Answer: Current and former preschool families that are members may register -2/6/02
Current and former preschool families that are not members -2/11/02
YMCA members -2/13/02
All others -2/15/02

Question: Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Answer: All children need to be toilet trained by the school starting date (excluding children in the 2 year old programs). If your child is not bowel trained, a parent needs to be in the building and available to change them.

Question: What qualifications does your staff have?

Answer: Some have a degree in Education and extensive experience in the early childhood field. In addition, all teachers have received High/Scope or a CDA (Child Development Associate) credential. In 1995 the West YMCA Preschool was accredited the National Association for the Education of the Young Child (NAEYC). The criteria established by NAEYC ensures that accredited programs have achieved high standards of excellence.

Question: What training do childcare workers receive?

Answer: All teachers that work in preschool and/or childcare at the YMCA have received High/Scope or a CDA (Child Development Associate) credential.

Question: How does your staff handle discipline with preschoolers?

Answer: The preschool program will promote self-esteem and respect for the rights of others through positive guidance and redirection. Rules are discussed with the children for each of the areas used by the preschool. Positive reinforcement, usually verbal, will be used to encourage appropriate behavior. Redirection of children to other activities will also be used by staff to avoid or diffuse problem situations. Staff will be encouraged to allow children to solve their own problems as much as possible. If teacher intervention is needed this will be in a role of mediator or facilitator. Children develop respect for themselves and others when allowed to deal with the consequences of their behavior.

Question: What do you offer children during the summer?

Answer: The YMCA offers a variety of programs for youth throughout the summer. From day camps and swim lessons to open gym and swim, there are a variety of activities for the entire family. 

Question: What is the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign?

Answer: Providing kids with the experience they need to grow into successful adults is at the heart of the Strong Kids Campaign. Dollars raised help fund essential programs and provide scholarship opportunities for families who would not otherwise have the means to participate.

Question: How Can I Help with the Strong Kids Campaign?

Answer: We count on you, our members and friends, to help us make kids strong by making their families and communities strong. You can make a difference by pledging your support or being a campaign volunteer. Please contact the desk or call 276-6616 ext. 247 or visit the Strong Kids section of our website for more information.

Question: I am interested in donating money to the YMCA; whom should I contact? 

The YMCA's Strong Kids Campaign helps the YMCA accomplish its mission of being available to the entire community. The Strong Kids Campaign provides funds to allow children and families from all socio-economical backgrounds to obtain memberships and attend programs.
The Capital Campaign assists the YMCA in expanding its facilities.
Donations to either campaign can be made at any front desk of a YMCA of Dane County facility. For further assistance, please contact the financial development director, at (608) 276-6616 ext. 226, or for more information check out the Strong Kids  section of our website under About the YMCA.

Question: What kind of screening do you do for employment at the YMCA?

Answer: All persons who apply and wish to work at the YMCA will go through a criminal background and employment background screening. Though the YMCA promotes a drug free environment they do not do a pre-employment drug screen.

Check out our recent job openings.

Question: Is the YMCA associated with the YWCA?

Answer: The YMCA is not associated with the YWCA. 

What is the YWCA?

Answer: The YWCA is a separate organization not affiliated with the YMCA. The YWCA works with women, children and single parent family issues. Contact the YWCA for more information on their programs and benefits.

Does the YMCA offer housing or housing assistance?

Answer: The YMCA does not offer housing or housing assistance. 

Question: How safe and effective is Yoga?

Answer: Although Yoga is thousands of years old, it is considered an alternative exercise for more than 6 million Americans dealing with the stress of modern life.  Yoga unites all aspects of a person through physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation.  Flexibility, strength and muscle tone improve as the spirit, mind and body work together in harmony.
Tips for a safe, effective yoga workout:
-Listen to your body; do not force or strain.
-Go at your own pace.
-Do not hold your breath; breathe normally.
-Let you instructor know of any past injuries and/or physical restrictions.



Question: Does the YMCA provide childcare while I am working out?

Answer: The YMCA offers drop in nursery facilities for children who are six months to seven years old. You may have your children in the nursery for up to 2 hours daily, and must remain in the building for that time.

uestion: What training do the nursery workers receive? 

Answer: All childcare staff receive four hours of University of the YMCA and child abuse prevention training, prior to working with children. 

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