One-on-One Fitness Programs

· Member Orientations

FREE for members!

Our trained fitness staff will introduce you to our

fitness equipment. Call and schedule an appointment today!

· Fitness Assessment

Includes blood pressure, aerobic endurance,

muscular strength, flexibility and body composition assessments.

East or West 24100 / $30

· Personal Training

Meet with a certified Personal Trainer to develop an individualized exercise plan.

East or West

2 hour session 24102 / $50

3 hour session 24103 / $75

5 hour session 24105 / $100

· Nutrition Counseling

Meet with a registered dietician to get an effective program working for you.

East or West

2 hour session 21111 / $50

· Body Composition Analysis

Determine your target weight based on your age, gender and body composition measured with skin fold calipers.

East or West 24101 / $5

· Healthy Back

Work with our certified instructors to learn

strengthening exercises for prevention, rehabilitation, and relief from low back pain.

East or West

3 hour session 21120 / $75

· Personal Fitness

A NEW individualized 12 week program designed to help you start and stay with exercise. Four, one-on-one appointments with a trained YMCA Personal Fitness Coach. Start with a step-by-step individual program, including cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training at your own pace. Free for members only! Contact your Fitness Director for information.