Free Fitness Classes

Adults and teens, 9th grade and up are welcome.

· Cardio Kickboxing

Martial Arts style fitness class including punches and kicks. Easy to learn, high intensity moves.

· Cardio Mix

Aerobic exercise including High-Low, Step, Slide, and Kickboxing.

· Crunch Class

Focus on strengthening your abdominal and low back muscles.

· Family Fitness

Bring your kids to this action packed hour of fitness and fun! For ages 8 and up.

· High-Low Aerobics

Aerobic exercise for all fitness levels, choose the impact level which is right for you.

· Sports Conditioning

Challenging Step choreography plus drills to improve speed, agility, coordination, and strength.

· Starter Fitness

Perfect for beginners! Learn the basics of High-Low, Step, Slide, and Kickboxing. 4 weeks.

· Step Aerobics

Step up and down on bench steps for a terrific choreographed aerobic and lower body workout.

· Personal Fitness

A new individualized 12 week program designed to help you start and stay with exercise. Four, one-on-one appointments with a trained YMCA Personal Fitness Coach. Start with a step-by-step individualized program, including cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training at your own pace. FREE FOR MEMBERS ONLY!!! Contact your Fitness Director for information.