Stretch before and after you workout to reduceinjury and boost flexibility:
  " Stretching should follow a pattern of stretch/hold/relax
  " Allow 2-4 minutes before your workout and 5-7 minutes after
Proper shoes:
  " a mile of jogging, a 150lb person puts more than 300,000 lbs of stress on each foot, Glen Pfeffer orthopedic surgeon - Find shoes that fit well and are comfortable when you try them on.
  " Dont buy shoes that need to be "broken in"
Live by the law of the tortoise:
  " Do less than you think you can do then increase the workout as you go
Have fun with your workout:
  " Remember the fun you had as a kid playing ball, swimming and just using your body
  " Involve family and friends in a group activity
  " Play with your kids
Vary your workouts:
  " Jogging four days a week only uses one muscle group
  " Cross train with swimming, biking, or an aerobics class
Change venues/places to workout:
  " A change of environment is more enjoyable and often results in increased frequency
  " Walking or jogging outside can clear your head
Consistently keep a log:
  " Keeping a log will keep you consistent and helps to monitor your progress
A balanced diet is critical:
  " Watch fat content.
  " Many small meals are better than few. A large breakfast is the most important meal
  " Record a food log for one week to monitor your diet, then see where to modify your
Drink plenty of fluids, especially water:
  " 8 8oz glasses a day keeps your body healthy
  " Limit alcohol intake.
Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season!