Active Holidays Mean Healthy Holidays!
Treat yourself to the gift of good healthy by staying active this holiday season. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and enjoy a few holiday goodies without gaining weight. Here are some situations you may face along with ideas for staying active.
Fitting in Fitness - staying active when you're short on time

" Start your shopping trip witha brisk walk around the mall.

"Take a quick walk before heading to work.

" Turn on your favorite holiday music to add a little pep to your daily chores

" Go for a 5-10 minute stroll over the noon hour.

" Take a 10 minute walk before dinner with a friend or loved one to discuss holiday plans.

" Hold a walking meeting.

" Make it a priority!

A time for family and friends

" Play games witht the kids at a nearby park.

" Take a family walk after dinner.

" Walk to the store for a few extra holiday recipe ingredients insted of sitting on a couch eating chex mix.

" Play charades instead of board games.

" Recruit family and friends for touch football.

" Go caroling with friends to a local nursing home.

" Take the family ice skating.

Try something different

" Do a little shopping at a fitness equipment store.

" Rent cross-country skis

" Go sledding

" Ask each family member to use part of their gift budget to buy sports related presents to donate to charities.

" Reward yourself witha gift for reaching a fitness goal during the holidays.

" Tape your favorinte holiday TV shows and watch them while you work out.

" Request a new exercise outfit on your gift list.

" Hold your office party a the YMCA. Swim, shoot hoops, etc.

" Take several "parade of lights" walks through different neighborhoods.

Fitness on the RUN!

" Stay in hotels with exercise facilities.

" Drink a glass of water for each hour on a flight.

" During layovers, put your carry-on in a locker, lace up your sneakers, and walk around the terminal.

" Pack a jump rope

" Take along a workout video

" Check out the local YMCA, use your AWAY card.

" Indulge yourself with a massage, whirlpool, or sauna at your hotel.

There's a lot of competition for your time and energy during the holidays, so it may not be the best time to increase your activity level if you're already moderately active. But if you're not getting enough exercise or you just want to maintian, use these tips along with the 12 Days of Fitness program - it may be just what you need to end the year on a healthy note. -- GOOD LUCK!