My Y Weeks

Help Make Your Y Great

It's the kickoff to our Annual Campaign! Each and every year we provide access to our facilities and programming for our friends and neighbors; you, the members! With your membership, you help the YMCA provide programming from A to Z—like athletics to advocacy, dance classes to disease prevention, volleyball to volunteerism—not just strengthening individuals, but strengthening our entire community.

We know that our members are our biggest fans and supporters, and each year we ask those who can, to contribute beyond their membership fees to support our cause and help us reach further and more meaningfully. It is those same members, all of you, who get to see the profound impact of your support, through the continuous enrichment of our programming, activities, and offerings.

100% of the contributions collected through My Y Weeks, and our entire Annual Campaign, are used to provide financial support for our facility and program members in need. Your donation will directly influence someone else's ability to enjoy the benefits that The Y provides.

For example:

  • $100 can: Ensure one low-income youth can participate in our Leopold Flag Football Program

  • $500 can: Allow 24 children to participate in one session of swim lessons

  • $1,000 can: Provide Y membership to 6 youth, giving them opportunity to cultivate positive values and behavior, and to grow unique talents and interests


Stories of Impact

“Courtney’s mom applied for, and was given financial assistance to participate at the YMCA. Courtney was able to join the dance class shortly after it started. Amidst continued family difficulties, it is a happy, healthy experience for her to have each week. Her mom, Charlotte, is also very thankful for this to work out - a little relief for a hurting mom. Thank you for being there when she needed you”

“Our family feels truly privileged and proud to be members of the YMCA. When you don’t have money to waste, and often have to wait until payday for necessities it can hurt to think about all the things I have to deny my children. This financial assistance makes me feel like all of the hard work my husband and I have done through the years is being acknowledged and rewarded by giving all of us this help, especially our children.”

“I’m sure there are many other families that need assistance so their children can benefit from the programs the YMCA has to offer. The programs the YMCA has helped to enrich the my children’s lives; it helps teach them honesty, respect, to be a team player, to help others, to not make fun of other people, to share, to be responsible, and to make new friends.  I think the YMCA is a great asset to the community, and funding for the financial assistance programs is very important to help benefit families who would otherwise not be able to be a part of the YMCA.”


Learn more about our Annual Campaign, how your contribution is used, and how we recognize our donors.