Small Family Farm CSA Shares

June 6 - October 17

Northeast YMCA

Summer Share

20 Weeks of all the vegetable goodness, glory and godliness you could ever handle. This 20-week program starts on June 6 and ends on October 17. A Summer Share can feed an average family of 3-5 adults, depending on your weekly veggie consumption, how much you cook at home, if you're a vegetarian and all of the other variables that need to be considered. Delivered in a 3/4 bushel box.

Sign Up for the Summer Veggie Share and receive a wide variety of Spring, Summer and Fall produce that includes everything from your classic radish, lettuce, tomato, and potato while also challenging you with more unfamiliar veggies like celeriac root, kohlrabi, swiss chard and garlic scapes. You'll feel challenged to try new recipes and delighted with how refreshing it is to step outside the grocery store box.

20-Week Veggie Share: June 6-Oct. 17 ~ ($575 before April 1) ~ $605
Every-Other-Week Veggie Share: June 6-Oct. 17 ($345 before April 1) ~ $370 
Veggie Fall Share: (Two large storage veg boxes) ~ Oct. 31 and Nov. 14 ~ $105 
Thanksgiving Box: (One large Holiday box) ~ November 20 ~ $53 
20-Week Egg Share (20 dozen): June 6-Oct. 17 ~ $100 
Every-Other-Week Egg Share (10 dozen): June 6-Oct. 17 ~ $50 
Kickapoo Coffee Share (10 lbs): 1 pound every-other-week ~ $112 
Kickapoo Coffee Share (20 lbs): 2 pounds every other week ~ $224 
Veggies to Share: Donate $50 to a low-income family’s share (organized by Fair Share-see more details on our website) ~ $50

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Delivery day is Wednesday sometime between 10:00am and 2:00pm at the Northeast YMCA.

Sign up before April 1 for the Early Bird Discount!

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