FREE Demo Classes

February 22 - March 2


Ever wonder what those XT Energy and TRX Kettlebell classes are like? Come in and try them for FREE!

Tuesday, February 18th - XT Energy from 7:10pm – 7:55pm

Saturday, February 22nd - XT Energy from 10:45am - 11:30am

Sunday, February 23rd - XT Energy from 2:00pm - 2:45pm

Sunday, February 23rd - TRX Kettlebell Fusion from 4:00pm - 4:45pm

Tuesday, February 25th - XT Energy from 7:10pm - 7:55pm

Wednesday, February 26 - TRX Kettlebell Fusion from 5:45pm - 6:30pm

Thursday, February 27 - Pilates from 6:00pm - 6:45pm

Sunday, March 2nd - XT Energy from 2:00pm - 2:45pm