Modified Moves, Maximum Results

EnhanceFitness is a proven, community-based senior fitness and arthritis management program. It helps older adults become more active, energized and empowered for independent living and is nationally recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Community Living and the National Council on Aging.

Participants set their own goals and never do anything that hurts! Soft, adjustable wrist and ankle weights allow each participant to perform strength training exercises at an appropriate level. We measure success with a personal fitness assessment every four months and track progress over time. At the Y, we also provide a comfortable, welcoming environment where participants can support each other and engage socially, breaking the social isolation that is detrimental to the health of many older adults.

What participants can expect:

  • Classes meet three times per week for 60 minutes each.
  • Stand, sit or hold onto a chair for support — do what’s right for you!
  • Focus on strength, flexibility, movement and balance.
  • Make friends who support and cheer you on!

In general, people in EnhanceFitness notice that they have more energy, better balance, increased upper and lower body strength, more flexibility and increased range of motion. Research shows that regular participation in programs like EnhanceFitness: may reduce age-related functional decline by as much as 32%; can reduce the incidence of disability in older adults who suffer from arthritis by 43% over 18 months; and reduce total health care costs more than $1,000 for participants vs. those of non-participating adults. Plus, you may sleep better and feel happier in this program!

To learn more about Enhance Fitness, contact:

Sr. Director of Healthy Living
608 906 8815