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  ASSOCIATION OFFICE Email @ ymcadanecounty.org Phone:
664 9622
Extension #
  Sharon Baldwin 1015 Sr. Director of Marketing & Healthy Living
  Sara Broge 1009 Employee Services Administrator
  Marguerite Butler 1017 Business Office Assistant
  Cheri Buckner 1035 Interim Financial Development Director
  Lisa Curley 1006 Recruitment and Development Specialist
  Jody Dingle 1005 Human Resources Administrative Assistant
  Amy Gager 1011 Graphic Design Assistant
  Paul Marshall 1018 Vice President of Business Services
  Brent Michalski 1025 Network Administrator
  Gunna Middleton 1023 Sr. Director of Operations
  Stephanie Navarre 1024 Healthy Living Director
  Lisa Owens 1019 Accounting Specialist
  Karen Rayshel 1021 Association E-Finestri Director
  David Plank 1007 Sr. Director of IT
  Melissa Schroeder 1003 Assistant to the President/CEO
  Dawn Sharer 1004 Human Resources Manager
  Heidi Skaar 1008 Interim Financial Development Coordinator
  Myrna Sweet 1020 Office Manager
  Lysa Thoeny 1002 Controller
  Carrie Wall 1010 President/CEO
  Aurora Williamson 1014 Lead Graphic Design Specialist
  CHILD CARE Email @ ymcadanecounty.org Phone:
664 9622
Extension #
  Margo Barcheski X 4015 Child Care Program Director (Preschool/4K - West Madison)
  Rachel Haney X 3015 Child Care Program Director (SACC - East Madison/Monona)
  Natalie Hatch X 1028 Child Care Administrative Assistant
  Connie Jamieson X 1030 Child Care Administrative Assistant
  Sara Jenny X 1013 Child Care Executive Director
  Ali Johnson X 1051 Regional Child Care Director (Regions 1 & 2)
  Cora Kruzicki X 4063 Child Care Program Director (Verona 4K/SACC - West Madison)
  Briana Kurlinkus 835 4147 Child Care Program Director (SACC, Preschool/4K Oregon)
  Megan Lemmon X 4006 Child Care Program Director (SACC - Middleton 4K, PS, SACC)
  Jason McColl X 1027 Regional Child Care Director
  Rick Morehouse X 1029 Child Care Administrative Assistant
  Stephanie Murphy X 1016 Child Care Administrative Specialist
  Michael Sabaka X 6020 Child Care Program Director (SACC - DeForest, Windsor, North Madison/Gompers, Sandberg)
  Caprise Waak X 6023 Child Care Program Director (Preschool/4K - East Madison, Sun Prairie)
  Gavin Walsh X 6005 Child Care Program Director (SACC - Sun Prairie)
  EAST YMCA Email @ ymcadanecounty.org Phone:
221 1574
Extension #
  Kathy Anderson 3062 Administrative Specialist
  Robin Berg 3036 Aquatic Director
  Rita Blue 3016 Membership Engagement Director
  Brandee Christensen 3008 Membership & Marketing Services Director
  Michelle Labno 3020 Membership Coordinator
  Chris McGill 3010 Sports Director
  Matt Merrill 3029 Associate Executive/Youth & Teen Director
  Michael Rudie 3028 Head Swim Team Coach
  Clarice Sarnowski 3011 Assistant Administrative Specialist
  Jim Trebian 3017 Property Manager, East & Northeast
  Linda Tschillard 3025 Health & Well-Being Director
  NORTHEAST YMCA Email @ ymcadanecounty.org Phone:
837 8221
Extension #
  Seth Brody 6026 Youth/Teen Director
  Brandee Christensen 3008 Membership & Marketing Services Director
  Maureen Crombie 6011 Administrative Specialist  
  Mike Denu 6022 Associate Executive
  Chris Ehle 6024 Membership Engagement Director
  Jon Landsverk 3064 Assistant Property Manager, East & Northeast
  Jacquelyn Myers 6016 Membership Coordinator
  Jim Trebian 6017 Property Manager, East & Northeast
  Janelle Van Erem 6015 Health & Well-Being Director
  Becky Whiting 6008 Aquatic Director
  Scott Zimbric 6025 Assistant Sports Director
  WEST YMCA Email @ ymcadanecounty.org Phone:
276 6616
Extension #
  Nicole Champlin 4023 Aquatic Director
  Luciana Cisneros-Luedtke 4022 Administrative Specialist
  Jessie Cutsinger 4017 Health & Well-Being Director
  Sandy Draper 4031 Assistant Administrative Specialist
  Michael Hanson 4021 Head Swim Team Coach
  Kevin Kane 4066 Member Engagement Director
  Brian Kavanaugh 4007 Sports Director
  Ryan Johnson 4016 Property Manager
  Katie Martinelli 4005 Membership & Marketing Services Director
  Jamie Mulry 4036 Program Enrichment & Youth in Government Director
  Paul VanderVelde 4042 Senior Executive Director

Chair: Elizabeth Huebel
Vice Chair: Sean Baxter
Secretary: Erin R. Ogden
Treasurer: Michael Mohoney
Past Chair: Robert Hilby

Scott Anderson, American Family Insurance
Sean Baxter, Kayser Automotive Group
Jane Clark, QTI Human Resources
Ted Crabb, Community Leader
Sara DeTienne, Morgridge Institute for Research
Aaron Doeppers, American Heart Association

Louisa Enz, Stark Company Realtors
Todd Fortune, Merrill Lynch

Robert Hilby, American Family Insurance
Elizabeth Huebel, Community Leader
Sue Ann Kaestner, The WIDGET Source, Inc.
Aaron Kostichka, McGann Construction

Dr. Ken Loving, Access Community Health
Kathryne McGowan, WEA Trust
Colin Mehlum, DirectNetworks, Inc.
Michael Mohoney, Physicians Plus Insurance Corp.
Erin R. Ogden, Murphy Desmond S.C.
Maggie Peterman, Freelance Journalist
Jennifer Sereno, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Jasper Vaccaro, Marshall & Ilsley Trust Co.