club wannago

West Region

Offering new experiences, skill building, a sense of community and lasting friendships. Club Wannago takes place at different locations throughout Dane County. Days are spent in teacher-led groups of 12-13 children with an enriching healthy kids curriculum that includes: Arts & crafts, cooking, math, literacy, science, swimming, service learning, character development, conflict resolution, & field trips.

Middleton: Elm Lawn Elementary, 6701 Woodgate Road, Middleton
Oregon: Netherwood Knoll Elementary, 276 Soden Drive









Best Summer Ever!
Week 1 | June 12-16

To start the summer, campers will learn the fundamentals of what summer camp is all about. We will explore every inch of camp, draw and follow maps and begin the adventures that will last all summer.

On Wisconsin!
Week 2 | June 19-23

Learn the skills needed to explore our state from walks to hikes, and learn about our state's history, agriculture and recreation.


Around the World
Week 3 | June 26-30

Come along for adventure around the globe! We will travel across the world to explore customs, art, music, games, languages, food and more!


Hero Training Camp
Week 4 | July 3-7 (Closed July 4)

Become the superhero you always wanted to be! Bring your imagination as we create costumes, stories and adventures during this week-long superhero training. Campers will create their secret identities, test skills and build self-confidence.

Week 5 | July 10-14

Lights! Camera! Action! We’ll be celebrating some of our favorite movies and even making our own. Campers will take on various projects in preparation of putting on a show for their families. They will make costumes, participate in silly acting games and walk the red carpet.

Mad Scientists
Week 6 | July 17-21

Imaginations run wild at camp and our developing team-building skills are put to the test as we take apart & rebuild, recycle & reuse and let our imaginations guide us.

Camp Carnival
Week 7 | July 24-28

Everyone loves a carnival! We’ll spend the week putting together decorations and games for our Camp Carnival.

Summer Camp Olympics
Week 8 | July 31-August 4

We will meet the Y’s Discovery Day Camp in competition for the Summer Camp Olympics! All the talents we developed and strengthened over the summer will be put on display this week as we compete in our own camp events!

Summer Rewind
Week 9 | August 7-11

Only your favorites happen this week as we assemble best-of-camp activities and experience them one final time during the final week of camp.