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Success Stories 

I am a member of the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program, and it has been very beneficial for me to participate. I have not had much success in the past losing weight on my own, but with this program I reached my weight-loss goal. As I continue the program, I hope to lose more weight. It emphasizes a low-fat diet, moderation, reading food labels and exercise. With the support of my wife, the YMCA group leader and the other participants, I was successful in losing weight, being more active, changing my eating habits and being more aware of the foods I eat. I am a very positive supporter of this program.

I am near the end of the one-year Diabetes Prevention Program at the YMCA. I am so pleased with my progress—what I learned and accomplished—that I want to encourage others to consider participating. I come from a family of diabetics, and I tested “near-borderline” for years. I thought I knew what I had to do to reduce my risk of developing diabetes, but it wasn’t working. So, I enrolled in the class. For me, the emphasis on reducing fat consumption is what worked. While carbs, exercise and other factors are also important in reducing risk, it is simpler to track only fats. That simplicity, in the end, was what led to my weight loss success. For the first time in a long time, my lipid profile and fasting glucose tests are normal! The non-judgmental tone of the educator/facilitator, the participant notebook (full of useful information and suggestions!) and the interaction with other participants were also very helpful. I exceeded my target weight, and now I have the tools and skills to maintain it. This is a program that works!


For more information or to enroll, contact:
Sharon Baldwin, Sr. Director of Healthy Living

608 906 8815

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